Parish Pastoral Council

The aim of the PPC is to serve the vision of the Church – “One in Love and Service”. The function of the PPC is to investigate, ponder and propose practical conclusions on pastoral matters affecting the parish.

The PPC consists of a three-tier structure – Parish Assembly (PA), Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) and its Executive Committee (EX-CO). The three tiers have a common purpose, though they perform different functions as stated in the Constitution of Parish Pastoral Council in the Archdiocese of Singapore”.

The Council is to convene the Parish Assembly annually. The Council is to meet at least twice a year for deliberation. The Parish Assembly is the gathering of the parish, during which the pastoral concern(s) of the parish are examined. All members of existing Small Christian Communities and Parish Lay Associations are invited to participate in the Assembly. The Executive Committee (EX-CO) is the working body of the Council.

Christ the King has adopted Model B in forming the Executive Committee (EX-CO) which comprises:

  • The Parish Priest
  • 1 to 4 Ex-officio members such as the Assistant Priests and full time pastoral staff
  • 4 to 10 elected representatives from the Parish Committees
  • 2 to 6 elected members from the PPC
  • 0 to 4 appointed members.

The structure of the committees and the reporting activities of each committee are to ensure that the overall arching objectives of each committee are in line with the main church pastoral issues and directions.

This structure would facilitate the chairperson of each committee who is represented at the EX-CO to report and update their various committees’ activities. This would ensure that the objectives of the PPC are carried out and feedback and investigation on some aspects of the pastoral situation and concerns gathered during the Parish Assembly are addressed, reflected upon and conclusions recommended and implemented.

Office Bearers 2015/16 Parish Pastoral Council (PPC)

Mr. Samuel Tan – Chairperson,
Ms. Jacelyn Pang – Vice chairperson,
Ms. Aileen Low – Secretary.

Parish Pastoral Council Executive Committee (PPC ExCO)

Ms. Rosa Lee – Chairperson
Mr. James Wong – Vice Chairperson
Ms. Jacelyn Pang – Secretary and
Mr. Brandon Lim – Assistant Secretary.