Event: Family Mass

Family Mass

30 Dec 2018 (Sun)

Family Mass in celebration of Feast of the Holy Family on 30 Dec 2018, 11.30am

In preparation of the Family Mass with the Theme “Faith, Hope, Love and Joy in the Family”, CTK Family Life Ministry has prepared Spiritual Bouquet cards for your family to offer up your Gift of Prayer in the form of masses, Novenas, Acts of Charity, etc.

These cards can be collected from FLM Members after every mass on weekends of 15/16 Dec 2018 and 22/23 Dec 2018.

Discuss with your family members to decide on the offering, complete the card (one per family) by 29 Dec 2018 and hang it on the Christmas Tree which is placed in front of the Medical Clinic. These Spiritual Bouquet cards will be offered up during Consecration at the Family Mass. Your Gift of Prayer can be completed within your own time frame.