Christ has called us to use our gifts “to love and serve the Lord” — to be sent forth. Sharing our God-given gifts by actively participating in the life of our parish communion is an expression of stewardship.

Prayerfully consider supporting the ministries and services of Church of Christ the King by contributing a sacrificial gift through the weekly offertory or other giving opportunities.

Actively Participates in Eucharistic Celebration each week.

We have many opportunities here at Church of Christ the King for you to share your talent within the Church Community. We have Choirs, Youth Ministries, Extraordinary Ministers of the Holy Communion, Lectors, Altar Servers, Ministers of Hospitality, and many other ways to serve and help at the Mass. We have volunteers for our Weekend Catechism Classes, Children Liturgy, RCIA, and Bible Study. We have many ministry’s that serve those in need, St. Vincent de Paul, Family Life, Charismatic Prayer Group, Devine Mercy Prayer Group, Neighbourhood Christian Community and the lists go on and on. Some ministry’s can take a lot of your time and involvement; others are a couple of times a year; so there is something for everyone to be involved in our Parish Life. Church of Christ the King has many fun events for your family to enjoy, however, attending something is not considered as sharing of your talents, but we do appreciate your support.

An example of enjoying one of our events while sharing your talent would be to formally sign up with the responsible ministry to help with the coordination, set-up, tear-down or overseeing that the event runs smoothly.

By giving generously and sharing your time and talent with Church of Christ the King, you keep our Parish vibrant with many fun activities. We need your support and you may just have a great time while meeting some really great people while you are getting involved!

If there is a specific ministry that you would like to be involved with, you may call the Parish office for more information
or complete the form online: Share Your Talent