CTK Famlife Ministry

Our Mission

The aim of the CTK FamLife Ministry is to empower families to grow in faith and to encourage family bonding through the living of Christian values.

Our Vision

To help each family fulfil its mission as the first church.

Our Background

Every 2 years or so, the Famlife Core Team organises family camps out of Singapore, where families come together to take a short holiday, bond with their loved ones, build community with other families, and re-connect with God, yet have fun at the same time.

Our last Family Camp (which we fondly term as “Famcamp”) was in December 2011 at Pulai Desaru Beach Resort in JB.  In past years, Famcamp has brought families to places like golf resorts in J.B., Malacca, Port Dickson and even Club Med Kuantan.

Our other activities such as talks, prayer sessions, movies, games, picnics, etc. are Christ-centred. They help us take a step back and focus back on our loving & forgiving God. Though many of our activities are centred on the family, we still welcome others who are individuals, as we believe that each & everyone is a member that belongs to the larger community of God’s family.

Our ministry is mostly self-funded from members who participate in our programmes and activities through voluntary “love offerings” and from money collected from selling food at our church canteen.  Funds generated are channelled to subsidise Famlife activities & programs.

For any enquiries, kindly email to CTKfamlife@Ymail.com