CTK Peregrine

CTK Peregrine, a Catholic support group of the Church of Christ the King, was formed in 2004. Our Ministry is to provide emotional and spiritual support for Person With Cancer (PWC), survivors and caregivers through sharing, prayers and talks.

Our members are mostly survivors and caregivers. Most of our survivors have been through various cancer treatments. Our survivors have ridden the roller-coaster ride of emotions, fear and anxieties and so we are able to relate and support the emotional distress they face.

The Ministry aims to render spiritual and encouragement by sharing of personal faith, treatment experiences, visits, prayers, fellowship and other related events such as talks and retreats.

To be a Befriender to Person with Cancer (PWC) and caregivers within the Parish.


    • To introduce PWCs to other survivors who have gone through similar treatments.
    • To lift up PWCs in intercessory prayers and be united with all in prayer.
    • To render support to PWCs and caregivers who enlist our assistance.
    • To strengthen PWCs with faith, love, and that they are not alone in their illness
    • To provide fellowship and promote spiritual growth.

Our Spiritual Director: Rev Fr Abel Antony
Our prayer session is on every last Sunday of the month.
For more information, please SMS to Gertrude (96801221) / Julie (97276544)

‘Serve With Love’