The Evergreen

The Senior Citizen Club was formed in 1990 to cater to the needs of the elderly of the Community of Church of Christ the King. It was later renamed to The Evergreen to better reflect the purpose and objective of the ministry ie we may be elderly but still live active lifestyles.

Our aim is to gather the elderly (60 yrs and above) into One Family of Christ while at the same time learning to live meaningful and proactive lives.

We encourage members to live faith-witnessing lives by

  1. spiritual programmes,
  2. going on local & regional pilgrimages on certain feast days,
  3. gathering regularly for social activities
  4. participating in parish and other activities as ‘One Church’.

Membership is open to anyone who is residing in the parish boundary of Church of Christ The King.

Those interested can contact Thomas Cheng (email or any of the committee members whose names and contact numbers can be found on the notice board near the priests’ office.