The Evergreen

The Senior Citizen Club was formed in 1990 to cater the needs of the elderly people in the community of Church of Christ the King. Later it was re-named as The Evergreen as the elderly felt that they were always young at heart and wanted to remain “green” forever.

Our aim is to gather all Senior Citizens (50yrs and above) into ONE Family in CHRIST, while our objective is to learn to live a meaningful, dignified and enriching life in our “Golden Years” by our spiritual awareness, love, service and being witnesses of God.

To provide for the various needs of the people, we have formed three sub-groups from the committee members to look into the various areas, namely,

  • The Spiritual
  • The Community Service and Membership
  • Sports cum Recreation and Health.

The spiritual group organizes spiritual activities like retreat, a day of recollection, spiritual talk, scripture reading for reflection, rosary devotion at the grotto and home.

The Community Service and membership group organizes visits to the sick and the aged in the homes reaching out to them with their caring community spirit – serving them food, entertainment and cheering them with little gift. This group also look out for Senior Parishioners especially those who are lonely in order to welcome them to join us as members.

The last group, sports cum recreation and health is the most demanding one among all. This group organizes social activities like educational tours for leisure and learning, eating in restaurants all over Singapore, trip to places of interest and pilgrimage tour – local and oversea. To promote a healthy life style, they also organize health talk, health screening, Taij, Qi Gong and line dancing.

Join Us!

If you are interested to join us, you must be a Catholic and 50 yrs and above. Please contact Thomas Cheng at 90275938 or email