CaFE stands for Catholic Faith Exploration.

This video based evangelization programme which began in UK in 1996 is a fun, innovative, informative way to bring about renewal and re-evangelizing of all Catholics.

The Archdiocesan CaFE Promotion Team (ACPT) has been running CaFE in Singapore since 2003. 

CaFE @ CTK sessions are held on Thursday, 7.30 to 9.30pm

The goals of CaFE

  1. Discipleship, which is relationship with Jesus Christ.
  2. Community building. Every Catholic that is renewed in his/her relationship with Christ energizes the parish and ultimately, the whole Body of Christ.

Make a difference in the world. Re-evangelized Catholics become concerned for the needs of society.

How CaFE achieves its goals

  1. Through the video talks which are friendly and light in presentation but powerful in substance.
  2. Through the small group discussions that follow each talk.

Join Us!

CaFE @ CTK is for all parishioners in Christ the King and those who are interested to know more about the Catholic Faith.

Spiritual Director: Fr John Sim

Coordinator: Stanley Kwek

To know more about CaFE, please refer to the Website at or

For enquiries about CaFE @ CTK, please email to