Family Integrated Religious Education (F.I.R.E.)

FIRE (Family Integrated Religious Education)

Catechism for Primary 1- 6 students

Our Late Holy Father Pope John Paul II states:

Parents are the first and most important educators of their own children, and they also possess a fundamental competence in this area: They are educators because they are parents. (Letter to the Family, #16)

In Singapore, most parishes have catechism lessons conducted in the classrooms on weekends. We, at Christ the King, have the Family-centred Catechesis – small groups of families who meet in their own homes for the purpose of religious education of their children. Here, parents take turns to teach and share their inputs.

We learn from our experiences, especially in the family. From these experiences we interpret the messages of our faith. When we do this, Church doctrines and Bible verses come alive and we find their meanings in our lives.

We call our parish model for children’s catechism F.I.R.E. (Family Integrated Religious Education).

What We Do.

  • The families meet once a week.
  • A family-friendly curriculum developed by OFC (Office For Catechesis) is made available to the Catechist Parents.
  • Parents are encouraged to create and innovate from the available materials and resources on specific themes from our FIRE  library.
  • Each catechetical session is scheduled for approximately one hour, but meetings in the homes allows for flexibility. There is also time given for socializing and an occasional get together.
  • Each lesson begins with an icebreaker, praise and worship; an experience that involves children and adults; followed by sharing bible stories and church teachings.
  • Each session concludes with a closing prayer/hymn.
  • The activities and home handout materials relating to each lesson are given to the children for them to share with their families during the week.
  • All ages can benefit from the richness of these sessions.

Coordinator: Gregory Goh

From 2018, our Parish is moving progressively towards a parish-based catechism program. As such, FIRE is no longer opening enrollment for new children in the FIRE Program. Existing children currently in the FIRE Program will continue until they graduate from the FIRE Program. For any enquiries, please email us at