Altar Servers

Serving at the altar is what you might see us do most of the time or perhaps all the time; however, besides serving at the altar in our albs, cassocks and surplices, we do have other activities and events planned for the year as well.

We, the Ministry of Altar Servers or more commonly known as the “Altar Boys” are a Small Christian Community of young boys who dedicate our time on Saturdays and Sundays to serve the masses scheduled by the church.

 All members of the ministry are trained to serve in various types of masses and services. Be it an infant baptism service, a wedding service, a funeral mass or a Sunday mass, we would do our best to assist the celebrant and ensure that the mass goes smoothly.

Besides serving our masses, we also hold annual servers’ camp where we get to know one another better through group dynamic games and sessions. We also strengthen our faith through spiritual sessions. We also hold frequent ministry events such as outings, canteen day and prayer meetings etc.

The Ministry of Altar Servers is not just about what you see at every mass; so if you are interested to join us in the sanctuary, do refer to the following requirements and contact the following people below.

Personal Requirements (as of January 2019)

  • Baptized Catholic
  • Age: 7- 18yrs (7- 9yrs will be considered on a case by case basis)
  • Training Process: 4-6 weeks

Join Us!

For more information please contact or send us an email:

Jerec Alastra 
8850 5417

Vice President
Adriel Goh
9387 6068