Christus Dominus Choir

The Christus Dominus Choir was founded in 1982. The Choir now sings for the Sunday 9.45am mass. The unique feature of the choir is its family make-up. The all-are-welcome nature of the Choir has invited several families to join the ministry as one. This adds to the diversity of the Choir, with members ranging from 15 years old to 55 years old. Blessed with the dynamism of the youthful members and the wisdom of the more matured ones, the Choir is strong in its fellowship and outreach activities.

The Choir holds its weekly practice at the Chapel every Sunday after the 9.45am Mass followed by a short breakfast break. Besides the weekly hymns, the practice also prepares its members for upcoming feast days and events, such as weddings, Easter celebrations and Christmas carolling.

But it’s not all work and no play. The Choir organises social activities at the homes of its members regularly. Annual retreats, carolling at clubs, hotels, houses and old folks’ homes are the other highlights. These gatherings strengthen fellowship among members and provide the perfect setting to ground us spiritually and to share our faith.

Join Us!

Do you always have a passion for singing and are always singing in the showers? Come and sing for the Lord!

All music lovers with a heart to serve God are welcome to join. An audition will be conducted. The main objective of the audition is to place new members in soprano, alto, tenor or bass.

Interested parties may approach us at the choir cove after mass every Sunday.