Lazarus Choir

Valentine’s Day of 2001 has a special significance for us.  That was when 18 parishioners – home-makers, part-time / shift workers and retirees – gathered for our first practice session under the direction of Choir Mistress, Rosa Lee.  You can say that Lazarus was born on that significant day!

Our former Parish Priest, Fr. Johnson Fernandez, initiated the formation of this choir to sing mainly for funeral Masses. No other church has actually formed such a choir under its banner. We are 25-member strong as of today.

The choir is named Lazarus, after the character whom Jesus raised from the dead in John 11:1-44.  Like Lazarus who was resurrected, we aim is to bring consolation to the bereaved and hope for the deceased as we pray and sing at funeral Masses.

Through the years, the choir also sings for weekday weddings and Feast Day lunch-time Masses. We believe that prayers and community bonding help to cement our relationship.  Hence, we gather occasionally for fellowship sessions.

If you are keen to join us, please contact:

Choir Mistress Rosa Lee 94775451
Coordinator Magdalene Tan 91288920