Lumen Christi Choir

The Lumen Christi Choir came into existence around the same time the Church of Christ the King was established; yes, we are that old. The choir was founded by young and talented people. Till date, the original founding member is still with the choir.

Throughout the years, we have experienced a growth in our members strength. Though some have left for other vocations, we are still pretty much keeping in contact. Our members consist of a dynamic array of people and age. We have members who are still in primary school right up to those who are already in their 60’s. That is how diverse we are and the choir is like a second family to all of us. We participate in activities such as music camps, spiritual retreats, overseas trips, social gatherings, and basically anything that has got to do with food.

We sing for the 11.30am Mass on Sundays and we practice in Church (Room 109) every Sunday at 10:00am.

For more information about us, feel free to contact the following persons:

Serene Tan     97566306