Hospitality Ministers

Every Liturgical Ministry is established to serve the worshipping assembly.

All those who serve in special roles are servants of the assembly.

Ministers of Hospitality, as stewards of the celebration are often on the front line, the ‘audio-visuals’ of the parish whom worshippers meet when they arrive at church.

Serving God as a Minister is a calling and through our service, we have the opportunity and the responsibility to represent the rest of the assembly in offering hospitality and a warm friendly welcome –  a vital element in creating a sense of community worship.

Ministers also perform duties during Mass, namely in ushering, Mass collections, directing the congregation during communion, distribution of publications etc.

The Ministry is actively involved in the parish and participates in many parish events.  Members can continue to grow in spiritually with the faith and spiritual formation available.

If you are above the age of 21, we invite you to come and join us as part of the hospitality ministry.

Maria Shin (Chairperson)