Hospitality Ministers

Formerly known as Wardens, the Ministers of Hospitality perform their duties mainly at Masses which includes ushering parishioners, Mass collections, directing the congregation during communion and distributing church publications. It is difficult for any parishioner to miss our presence each weekend as we readily greet him / her with our warmest smiles, dressed in our Sunday best complete with a red sash and yellow name tag.

Besides serving Mass, the Ministry also participates in Feast Day activities, funfairs and the Triduum. To ensure that every member continues to grow spiritually and in fellowship with one another, we organize regular retreats and social gatherings.

Serving God as a Minister of Hospitality is a calling and certainly a very rewarding experience. Through our friendly gestures, we radiate and affirm the presence of the Lord in each liturgical celebration.

Join Us!

If you are above the age of 21 and long to bring the love and peace of Christ to the congregation, then wait no longer. Be a Minister of Hospitality!

Call Maria Shin (Chairman) at 96854529