Liturgy of The Word with Children

Jesus, we thank you for the gift of our children.

They are the youngest of our seeds planted in the soil of Your Church.

Open their eyes so they may see the love of their community.

Open their ears to hear the Good News

Open their hearts to love You

What is Liturgy of the Word with Children (LOWC) here at Church of Christ the King?
During Mass (Sunday 9.45am and 11.30am only), before the Penitential Rite, the priest invites the children forward to send them forth for the  “Liturgy of the Word“  in St Mary’s room at Level 3.  There, they will  hear the readings, especially the Gospel, participate in an interactive reflection on the Gospel,  profess the faith  and sharing in the Prayers of the Faithful.  They rejoin their parents and the rest of the congregation just before the Offertory.

What is the purpose of the LOWC?
While the adults hear the word of God proclaimed and the homily helps them reflect upon its meaning for their lives, the children also listen to God’s word and ponder its meaning, but in a way designed especially for them, allowing them to respond in a way relevant to their young lives.

How can I help the LOWC ministry?

There are many parts within the ministry that needs help:

(1)Oversee and guide the children to St Mary’s room and back to the congregation

(2)Co-ordinate and guide young readers to read the first reading and responsorial

(3)Prepare  and share the Word with the children and let them encounter God

(4)Lead in song and activity

(5)Preparation of PowerPoint slides and setting up of AV equipment

What kind of commitment is required from me to join this ministry?

There are altogether 5 different groups which will take turn to lead the LOWC each week. You will be assigned to 1 group and you will have to commit to duty once every 5 weeks. Roster schedule is prepared 6 months ahead and you will be able to block out your duty dates in advance.

Participation in your own group preparation meeting is important, which is likely to be 2 to 3 weeks before duty date. The group will meet to reflect and share on the readings and discuss the main points to be shared with the children, along with suitable activities and song to deepen the message for the children.

Do I need any skills or talent to join this ministry?

We welcome anyone who is interested. Training will be provided to help you understand and lead children through the various parts of the Liturgy of the Word.

Who do I contact if I am interested in joining the LOWC ministry?

Spiritual Director:   Fr Paul Lim

Co-ordinator:   Lynn Lee 90216370

Asst. Co-ordinator:  Caroline Seah 97397488

Treasurer:  Cheryl Lee 92731581

Email address:

“Let the children come to me and do not stop them, because the Kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these” Matt 19:14