Ministry of Lectors

From left: Christina, Jenifer, Clara, Magdalene, Lucia, Marian, Terence, Jeffrey

Lectors Executive Committee

We are a committed group of people who come together to proclaim the Word of God. Time and effort is spent in training lectors to read at Masses and effectively hold the attention of the congregation and get across the true meaning of God’s message.

The Ministry is always on the lookout for people with reading talent and welcomes those keen to come for a Voice Review. Our Ministry regularly holds retreats, canteen duties and the like to foster wholesome fun and fellowship. If you wish to find the true meaning of the Word of God, come join us. This may help you grow and strengthen your faith and perhaps change your way of life spiritually.


We learn to serve and serve to learn. That’s what the Lectors Ministry is all about – learning through serving. … Ex-Chairman, Ministry of Lectors

Having been with the Lectors Ministry since the church started, I have seen the group grow in strength, competency (as in effectiveness of delivery & proclamation) and especially spiritually. Our spiritual development as lectors is especially important because we proclaim the Word of God. … Ex-Chairman, Ministry of Lectors

My journey as a Catholic started with baptism in 2002. RCIA opened my heart and mind but left me with so many questions unanswered. I decided to take the bold step of joining the Ministry of Lectors. This opened a new dimension of learning and living the faith and gave me strength to stand before a congregation and proclaim the Word of God. This Ministry has brought me the joy of being a Catholic… Lector since Baptism and Chairperson, Ministry of Lectors.

Join Us!

                                                       Exco Members 2015

 Chairperson     Magdalene Hui
 Vice-chairperson     Jenifer Teo
 Secretary     Christina Chelliah
 Treasurer     Marian Lin
 Roster Mistress     Clara Tan
 Technical Development Team Leader     Jeffrey Gomes
 Spiritual Growth Team Leader     Lucia Ng
 Community Spirit Team Leader     Terence Lim
 Weekday Lector Coordinator     Martina Heng