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Neighbourhood Christian Community

“If you live in the vicinity of an NCC, you are automatically a member of it – even if you do not attend any of its meetings.” by Archbishop Nicholas Chia (The Catholic News – August 16, 2009, Vol 59, No17)

The Neighbourhood Christian Community (NCC) is a New Way of being Church and is the foundational base of the universal Catholic Church. It is not a church organisation, ministry or interest group. It is simply a small group of Catholics, living in the same neighbourhood, coming together as a community to live and share their faith with one another through prayer, worship, service, fellowship and mission.

The objective of a NCC is to help people within the community grow their faith, live the Gospel life and foster Christian love and support for each other in times of need.

The 4 marks of a NCC:

We are One – We are united with the parish and with each other.

We are Holy – We are Christ-centred, engaging in gospel-sharing and other forms of prayer.

We are Neighbours – We welcome everybody, and are not exclusive.

We Serve all – We serve and evangelise (mission in action).

At baptism, you are automatically a member of the NCC regardless of age, profession and race.

We strongly encourage you to take part in the activities of an NCC near your home and have FUN together.

FUN is … join NCC

Spiritual Activities

  • Community Prayers
  • Bible Sharing
  • Retreats
  • Home Mass, Visit to the sick
  • Service the poor
  • Prayers and support for bereaved families
  • Pilgrimages

Social Activities

  • Educational outings and day tours
  • Neighbourhood parties
  • Operation of Church canteens
  • Overseas trips

If you have any questions about NCCs or their activities, please contact the NCC Coordinator in your neighbourhood.