The church of Christ the King has built a columbarium to meet the needs of our parishioners for the new millennium.

Known as Chapel of Repose, it has three chambers, each with six levels of niches neatly laid out in the form of the ‘Infinity’ symbol. There are also benches and alcoves with indirect lighting to give the Chapel a quiet and timeless appeal.

Each niche measures 23cm by 31 cm by 18cm, and can hold 2 urns.

Each niche will be sealed with a slab of marble with an appropriate inscription. In addition, each will have a small metal bracket for flowers. For cost of inscription and urns, please call the parish secretary at 64599958 for more details.

On the first Friday of each month, the evening mass is offered for the repose of the souls of all deceased whose ashes are placed in the Chapel. In addition, a special memorial mass is offered each year on All Souls Day.