House Blessing

One of the most touching scenes in the gospels shows Jesus welcoming little children, putting his arms around them, and blessing them (Mk 10: 13-16). As he is ascending into heaven, he raises his hands and blesses his disciples (Lk 24: 50-51). He blesses food before it was eaten (Mk 6: 41).

At other times, we see him blessing and praising God, and thanking him for his many gifts to his beloved people. Examples of these prayers are given in Mtt 11: 25 and Jn 12.

The word Blessing has two distinct and related meanings: it refers to our praise of God, and to our requests for his loving care for us (Ps 134; Ps 115). As we praise God over people and things, they are blessed for his service.

In seeking God’s blessing for the house he has provided us, we praise him for his goodness, and seek his continued loving care for all who share our homes.

House blessings can easily be arranged by calling the Parish Office (64599958) during Office hours.