Infant Baptism

Bringing something as precious as a new life into our world is one of the greatest miracles. It brings with it many joys and blessings as well as hard work and responsibilities.

The love you have for your child is part of the love God has for us all. In the sacrament of Baptism, God our Father shows us this love. Through this Sacrament, your child will become in a very special way a part of God’s family, the Church. As you prepare for your child’s baptism, we hope that you will know more deeply how much God loves you and your baby.

Some Important Roles

The Parents

The parents ask for the baptism of the child.

In doing so, parents who are themselves baptised are in fact agreeing to take on the responsibilities of training the child in the practice of the faith, and bringing up their child in the way of Christ. This includes:

  • telling the child about God who loves us and about Jesus our friend
  • teaching the child how to pray
  • instilling Christian values in the child
  • teaching the child how to be a good Christian, through example
  • bringing the child to Church to pray at Mass, especially on Sundays and days of obligation
  • ensuring that the child receives a proper education

The Godparents

Godparents have 2 important functions:

  • they represent the Church into which the child is being baptised
  • they agree to assist and support the parents in the Catholic upbringing of the child, by word, action and good example

Parents may choose up to 2 official Godparents. Both Godparents must be practicing members of the Catholic Church and over the age of 16.

Godparents should be chosen with care. They should be persons who will be an example to your child of what it means to follow Jesus, and should fully understand and accept the responsibility that they are undertaking.


  • Infant Baptisms are normally held in the afternoon on the first Sunday of each month.
  • Parents & Godparents are required to attend preparatory sessions before the baptism. The infant will not be baptised unless parents & Godparents attend this session.

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