Congratulations on your decision to commit yourselves to one another before God, with faith and in love. We are delighted that you have chosen to celebrate your commitment to life and to love here with us at the church of Christ the King.

Arrangements should be made at least one year in advance. 

Below are some guidelines to help with your wedding arrangements:


  1. Check with the parish office that the church is available on the selected date, then confirm with the priest of your choice that he is free to preside at the wedding. Do this at least six months in advance.

  1. Once you have established that both the church and the priest are available, complete and return the Wedding Booking Form to the parish office to confirm the booking

  1. The Archdiocese requires couples to attend the Marriage Preparation Course or the Catholic Engaged Encounter before the wedding. Places are limited, so please make enquiries six months to a year ahead. Details are available at and

  1. Apply to the Registry of Marriages for permission to marry, if you are not already married at the Registry. ROM requires at least 21 days’ notice to grant the approval / license

  1. Fix a date for an interview with the priest and bring along the following documents:

  • Birth certificates and NRICs / Passports of both parties

  • Baptismal Certificates from church(es) of baptism, issued within the past six (6) months

  • Full names, NRICs / Passport number(s) and tel. number(s) of two (2) witnesses

  • Original Notice of Marriage (from Registry of Marriages) or Certificate of Marriage (if previously registered at ROM)

  • Certificate of completion of Engaged Encounter Weekend or Marriage Preparation Course

In addition, copies of the following documents are required, if applicable

  • Certificate(s) of any other previous marriage(s)

  • Certificate(s) of any previous divorce(s)

  • Certificate(s) of death of previous spouse(s)

  • Medical statement of present condition of pregnancy

  1. As a Catholic you are required to baptise and bring up your children in the Catholic faith. In a mixed marriage both the parties will be required to sign a statement that you will abide by this requirement.

  1. For the wedding day proper, decide if your wedding is going to be celebrated within a Mass or a Service. A wedding mass can be celebrated on any weekday subject to availability of the priest and the church. No wedding masses will be permitted on Sundays. However the priest will conduct a wedding service.

Church Expenses

To cover the utility costs of air-conditioning, floral decorations and other operating expenses, a small donation is requested. This is to be given to the parish office at least one (1) week before your wedding.


Our Church Flower Ladies are experienced in creating lovely floral arrangements for weddings. Please consult with the Parish Office for more information (64599958).

Wedding Booklets

Many couples choose to provide wedding booklets, especially for their guests, who may be unfamiliar with the Catholic Rite of Marriage. If you wish to do so, do consult your priest on the accuracy of the text before sending it to the printers.

A good selection of prayers, scripture readings, the Marriage Rite, etc. can be found in the book Together for Life by Fr Joseph Champlin.


You are welcome to use the church for a rehearsal before your wedding. Please make the necessary arrangements with your priest and contact the Parish Office to make a booking for an appropriate date and time.


If you have a friend or relative who can provide music for your wedding, please feel free to ask them. Arrangements can be made for them to have a short practice on the Church keyboard. Otherwise, you may wish to contact one of the following organists / choirs who may be willing to assist you.

Church Choirs

St Dominic’s Choir – Saturday 5.30pm Mass Choir. Please call Franklin at 9336 2639.

Christus Dominus – Sunday 9.45am Mass Choir. Please call Stephanie Leong at 9753 9898.

Lumen Christi Choir – Sunday 11.30am Mass Choir. Please call Serene Tan at 9756 6306.

Photography and Video Recording

You are free to choose anyone you wish for the photography or video recording of your wedding.

Please note that in order to maintain respect for the sacred spaces photographers may not enter the Sanctuary / Altar area.

If you wish to continue photo-taking in the church grounds after the wedding, please ensure that the bridal cars are cleared from the church entrance to facilitate the arrival of the next bridal party.


If you wish to use the Canteen for your wedding reception, please make your booking through your minister at least one (1) month in advance. Terms and conditions apply.

If you have any questions or require further information, please contact the priest who will be presiding at your wedding.