Parish Feast Day of Christ the King 2016

Celebrating the Solemnity of Christ the King

Instituted by Pius XI in 1926, this feast was celebrated on the last Sunday of October to foster the awareness of Christ’s dominion over all people and to establish peace among nations. After Vatican Council II the feast was transferred to the last Sunday of the Liturgical Year, the Sunday before Advent, on which the human race is consecrated to the Sacred Heart through the Litany of the Sacred Heart and a prayer recited before the Blessed Sacrament.

This feast celebrates Christ’s Kingship in an altogether non-worldly way. Jesus was anointed by the Father with the oil of gladness as the Eternal Priest and Universal King. As Priest He offered His life on the altar of the Cross and redeemed the human race by this one perfect sacrifice of peace. As King He claims dominion over all creation that He may present to the almighty Father a Kingdom of truth and life, a Kingdom of holiness and grace, a Kingdom of justice, love, and peace.

Act of Consecration

O God, our Lord and King, we thank you for inviting us to be co-heirs of your Kingdom.

Through no merit of our own, you have loved us to the point of laying down your life for us, and through the merits of your suffering, death and resurrection, you have freed us from the slavery of sin and given us new life in all its fullness in you.

In humility and gratitude, we accept your invitation to reign with you in service for the advancement of your Kingdom. We ask you for your grace to render us worthy of the responsibility and privilege of being members of your Body, the Church.

Accept, Gracious King, our faithfulness and loyalty, our faith and trust, our worship and praise for your divine kingship.

Lord and King, we consecrate ourselves to you. We pledge to serve you in the way you have shown us – to work with others with joy and humility – to give and not count the cost – to fight the good fight and not heed the wound – to toil and not seek for rest – to labour and not expect a reward, save that of knowing that we do your Father’s will.

Lord and King, we humbly dedicate ourselves to the building of your Kingdom in our community and join with others else-where in our country and other parts of the world in witnessing to your love and salvation among all people by the way we live our Christian lives.

Lord and King, we consecrate to you our whole life. Grant that we may always in your love until the end of our days, when you will call us home to your eternal Kingdom where we shall thank, praise and glorify you forever and ever. Amen.

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