The RCIY is youthful, dynamic and God-centred family ministry that brings youth on a journey to discover God through faith stories and experiences.

What we do

We are the younger and youthful sibling of Rites of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA). We aim to introduce God to everyone through our activities & faith stories, facilitating the baptism and confirmation process for those who desire it.

Thus, Rites of Christian Initiation for Youths (RCIY) is a process whereby youths from different backgrounds, shape and size come to find out more about the Catholic faith and eventually journey towards baptism at the end of the process if they found themselves to be ready.

Who we are

RCIY is a big and happening family of friends, coming together to share their life & faith stories. We are made up of extremely diverse and dynamic individuals that could be grouped under the following names, sponsors, inquirers, catechumens, elects, neophytes and Friends of RCIY.

Sponsors are a group of dedicated people who are your travelling companion in your journey to discover the truth and purpose in life through faith. Sponsors are committed to be your friend, witness and guide.

Sponsors will journey with you throughout the whole of process. We are the ones who will try our sincere best to find answers to your burning questions, prepare your weekly sessions, devising activities for you to find out more about yourselves and HIM.

Contrary to popular belief, we are not your teachers but your companion and friend. We are like you, constantly learning and growing together in faith along the way.

And in case you think that inquirers, catechumens, elects and neophytes are stages of the life-cycle of an insect, why not join the group to find out.

Who we are waiting for…

If you are

  • pondering about what is the purpose of life
  • wondering what is the reason you are born into this world
  • confused about why there are so many obstacles and problems in your life
  • looking for a place to ask questions about the Catholic Church and its teachings
  • willing to explore your relationship with God and with the Christian Community
  • thinking about becoming a Catholic Christian
  • a baptized Catholic who has never received other sacraments

It is YOU we are waiting for!

Consider attending the RCIY Sessions. Contact us now to find out the reason why Catholics fervently go week after week to church, why Catholics abstain from meat on Fridays, why Catholics try to smile in the midst of sufferings, why Catholics try to tell ourselves to forgive and love when we are hurt by other people. There are NO secrets, just some promises by our loving God. And YOU are being Invited NOW too, to join us and claim the promises that our loving God has promised you! Contact us now.

If you are already a Catholic and you know someone who is considering and wants to find out more about the Catholic Church, tell them about US, and volunteer to come to the first meeting with them.

And of course, there would be commission for you! A place in heaven!

We are also looking for Practicing Catholics who are above the age of 18 to join our family as Sponsors and Befrienders and be the travelling companions of our inquiring brothers and sisters.

 If you want to take up the challenge & commitment, Contact us NOW. Our Generous and Loving God always appreciates a cheerful & generous giver!

Please contact us via email at “